Friday, November 12, 2010

Family Easter pictures

We wanted to try and get some family pictures of us before we headed to Mom & Dad's for Easter dinner. This first set up kept cutting Matthew's head off. And since we were in a hurry we didn't have time to set it all up properly.

 So then we did the old, hold your arm out with the camera shot! Ha! And the doggie tried getting in the photo too!

 Our two very handsome boys!

There were so many cute ones it was hard to narrow down, and then I put most of them on here!

These boys make my heart go pitter patter and leap out of my chest with joy!

We had my sister take another picture of all of us once we got up to their house.

Easter dinner 4.4.10

Mom had each table set up for the girls and guys. This was the teen girl table.

 The guys.... sorry for the mouths full of food and chewing!

 And the ladies... minus me (taking the picture) and Samuel isn't a lady, but he ate with us!

 Samuel being a cutie, and making a mess! I think he was pretty much finished eating here.

Faces 4.4.10

I asked Isaac to smile for me, and this is what I got! Ha! He's always making me laugh!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Coloring Easter Eggs 4.3.10

Here I am finally getting some pictures posted. I know it's been forever since we've posted. But I'll try and get some events on here that we haven't shared. These are of from the day before Easter when the boys and I colored eggs.

I love all the color!

Isaac is happy to begin coloring!

Samuel started out a little on the moody side. But it wasn't long before he got into it and had lots of fun!

Pretty messy fun!

He kept trying to put an egg in a cup that was already occupied.

Isaac is proud of his eggs!

Mommy and her boys!