Friday, April 2, 2010

St. Patty's Day

Charlotte Trip to IKEA

Headin' to Charlotte



New Couch, Painted Dining room, Table, and...

Ohh yeah, a new dog too...

Macaroni Grill with Mom & Dad

This is probably one of the most funniest pictures of dad I have ever seen.

Isaac being handsome

Samuel enjoying his dessert

Matthew's 25th Birthday

The Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles are still awesome...

It is crazy when you get socks and underwear for your birthday and you are SUPER excited about it!

Isaac and Samuel Helping me blow out my candles

I love my expression in this shot.

This is the super cool cake that JEssica got for me.  It is from the Brushy Mountain Smokehouse & Creamery.  A local resturant that I did a website for.

Daddy with his SUPER cute baby boys!

The "Little" House in Charlotte NC

This is a house that the business I work for did the cabinetry on.  We also did some other things in the home including trim/wainscoting and other things.  This home is seriously huge, you can get lost in this thing.  It is like the Clue game with all the different rooms in it.  There are many more photos but to fit them on here would be a chore.  The home owners are super nice and the best part is, this is not their only home.  It is the "Little" home because that is their last name.


Second story area

This is handpainted

The main livingroom

This is the movie room kitchen/bar


Dining room

Master Shower

Master ladies closet

Living room

Living room


Handpainted seasons of the year with Ecclesiastes 3:3 scripture

Main Kitchen