Sunday, February 21, 2010

Billiards & "Said I Loved You But I Lied"

I decided to get together with Alex and Eric one night and we went to play some pool.  We had a great time playing at the good ol' Wilkes Bowling Alley.  When I was a little boy I wanted to be Michael Bolton really badly.  That kinda explains this video...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day & Cookie Making

Here is Isaac making valentine cookies.

Samuel enjoyed eating the dough mostly.

Handsome Isaac decorating the cookies.

Uncle Eric made this for me to give to my beautiful wife.  It is a white chocolate handmade, homemade cheesecake.  He used a copper cutter to do this.  Eric Border is the bomb when it comes to copper and making it look like different things.  If you want to see his stuff go here.

Here is the meal that Jessica and I prepared.  It was very delicious.  I found these steaks on sale and decided to grill them.  They had some great marbling and flavor.  Jessica prepared the garlic asparagus, sweet potatoes, rice, and acorn squash.  It was super good. 

This is of course some tasty Welch's sparkling grape juice.

I had to go over and Help "Uncle Eric" with some computer/printer things and I found this super cool piece of glass laying around.  It made for a neat picture.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Our 5th Wedding Anniversary 2.5.10

Well, here we are 5 years after the initial ceremony.  Jessica and I decided to wander off to Winston Salem, home of some of the great tobacco products.  Anyways, we went to Carrabbas for the first time and had a "okay" meal.  The bread and dip stuff was awesome but the salads were overloaded with dressing, and the food was just not what we expected.  The atmosphere was pleasant and the service was great.  One of the funny highlights of the place was the name of my entree'.  It was called "Pasta Rambo".  When the server brought out my meal, I said to him "Yeah it does look like Sylvester Stallone doesn't it"?  I really enjoyed going out with just Jessica and enjoying some alone time with her. 

After the meal, Jessica and I went to Dick's Sporting goods and looked at stuff, "that is all I have to say about that".  Anywayz, we went to the mall, grabbed some Girl Scout Cookies, drooled over some Pottery Barn crap, and left.  We then went to Barns & Noble and these photos below are the result of that.  Jessica was checking out this book that recently came out.  She might find that in her stocking this year or perhaps sooner.  *wink