Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The last half of Luella's birthday... FINALLY

I'm finally trying to get caught up on some blogging here. So I'm FINALLY getting to the last half of Luella's birthday. (I know, I'm SO behind!). And then I can get to other photos I need to post! I will probably have some posts out of order but all well. Instead of linking these to the dates that go along with her birthday posts I'm just putting them as the newest, so everyone doesn't have to wade through to see them. 
Since her cake was so tall we couldn't have in her high chair to sing happy birthday. So I had to hold her up!

She looked around at everyone and smiled as we sang "happy birthday"

For several days leading up to her birthday I had been working with her on blowing. She got it down really good. But when it came to blowing out her candle she didn't have any interest! She was more into wanting to pick at the frosting!

 I kept blowing softly on her cheek to get her to blow.

 Eating the frosting, haha! I don't blame her, it was yummy!

 So my other attempt at trying to get her to blow the candle was to blow on her pinwheel, which I had taught her to blow earlier in the week. But no, still didn't want to use her blowing skills on her candle!

 Atlas, Mommy begins to blow it out....

 Very. Slowly. To give her a chance to join in. (still eating that frosting!).


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

WALKING 7.3.12

Luella took her first two steps to me on June 4th! That night she took a couple more when I encouraged her. She would reach her hand to me so she could grab it so she wouldn't fall. Since then she's taken lots more steps! All leading up to her birthday and since then she's taken many more. A couple weeks ago she took about 6-7 consecutive steps and has been taking more and more, and now is walking ALOT! She's such a big girl!
These 3 pictures below are from June 4th

So since the past few weeks she's been walking more and more and walks really well now. She still has her moments of wobbles and falling on her butt, Ha! But she is doing so well! So see for yourself! These videos are from today! 7.3.12

These pictures aren't the greatest but show her walking!

 Our little girl is growing up so fast!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Luella's 1st Birthday 6.10.12 {part 1}

Finally here are the pictures of Luella's birthday!

Waiting to take her bath.

 Here she is taking her birthday bath!

 Not sure what she was doing with her hand (I think maybe watching the water drip off her hand!?). But isn't she the cutest? 

 Playing in the tupperware while we were getting things ready for her party.

My niece, Victoria doing an AMAZING job on decorating the cake!

 All finished!! It turned out beautiful!!

 The "sweet" table

  I made pinwheels to have throughout the party. They're so fun!

Her birthday hat I made for her.
 Another shot of the sweet table.

 The gift table.

 Lolly pops!

 Rock candy!

 Cookies my nieces and I decorated a few days before.

 Lemonade table.

 Cucumber sandwiches

Yet more pictures of the cake...

 Curry chicken salad sandwiches.

 Fruit & dip.

 All the food on the food table!

High chair somewhat decorated.