Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bronner's 4.11.10

 Grandpa & Grandma Keller and Aunt Mary gave Isaac an early birthday present before we all headed out to Bronner's.

 He was pretty happy with his loot!

 Matthew with the statues of the Nativity. He's hilarious!

 Hmm, I don't remember the story of the 4th wisemen who brought coffee to baby Jesus???

 The kids!

 Aunt Heather holding Samuel.

 Grandma & Grandpa sealing their 50th with a kiss!!

More.. 4.10.10

Christina & Amanda on the way up to the tunnel slides.

 There was this huge bucket that would fill up with water and then dump down.

Frankenmuth, Zender's Splash Village 4.10.10

We all went to Zender's Splash Village to stay. It was really fun! Matthew and Isaac really enjoyed going down the super long huge tunnel slides. I did it once and I didn't care for it! Something about being in the dark and moving at an incredible fast speed without being able to see a thing just freaked me out! I was really wanting to like it too.

I know this picture's blurry, but it was hard to get a good shot of them going down any of the slides because of the lighting not being super good and them moving so fast!

 Samuel was a little reluctant to do much there, but we did get him to go in the shallow area for the little kids and he went down the slides a few times. I think he started to enjoy it after awhile.

 This is where everyone came out when they finished their journey down the creepy dark tunnels!

 Isaac making faces with Amanda & Katie.

And of course you can't go to Frankenmuth without getting ice cream! We all walked down town for a little while after swimming, for ice cream and went in a few shops.

Blue moon!

The salt water taffy!

We went swimming a little more after getting back. Since I didn't get to swim much because of being with Samuel earlier while other's swam, Kelly watched Samuel for us while Matthew and I went down the scary black tunnel! Ha!

Michigan April 9, 2010

I know it's seriously ridiculous how long it has taken us to add anything to our blog and I am ashamed to say the pictures that were last posted were over a year ago. And since I like things to be in chronological order as much as I can. I am trying to get up to date. So yes, I am showing pictures from over a year ago. There will however, be a huge gap between part of last year and this year, as we've lost a lot of our photos that were saved on an external hard drive. Anyway, even though these are last years pictures, maybe some of you will enjoying looking at them. Oh, and to save me a lot of time, I am not editing these photos, just putting them on here as they are. So sorry if some don't look so great. Enjoy looking!

  Our entry into Michigan. This marked Samuel's firth time in our home state!

The kids really attached themselves to Samuel. I noticed Jacob really seemed to enjoy taking the role as "uncle/big brother" I thought it was sweet.

 Our main reason for going was to join Matthew's grandparents in celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. They wanted to celebrate by having the whole family together. Our first evening there we all met and ate at a wonderful Japanese restaurant. It was so good! Samuel was a little tired and fussy from the long travel there so the chef brought him this cute little orange "bear"!

 He enjoyed it!

Isaac enjoying it!

Grandpa & Grandma Keller with all the grandkids and their two great grandsons!

Grandma & Grandpa with their "kids"
Grandma and Grandpa with their kids and the spouses.

Four generation picture.