Tuesday, March 2, 2010

At the park 2.21.10

It was a beautiful sunny day and 60 degrees on this Sunday in February. My brother Alex was staying with us for a few days helping Matthew with building some shelves on Saturday. So the next day (Sunday) we decided to take the boys to a playground that was down the road near the grocery store.
Samuel fell asleep in the car so we just parked right up front and let Isaac play.

As you can see there is still snow patches. But it felt pretty nice out!

It was really a colorful play set! Makes great for pictures!

Such a good looking boy!!

Playground 2

We decided to leave the first park we went to because they only had one play set and no swings. It wasn't a large area, and there were quite a few other kids playing. We stopped by the dollar store to pick up some candy. And then we decided to go to the elementary school playground that's just down the street from our house (within walking distance).
This was actually our first time going there, and we were happy we did! It was way larger than the other place we went to and they have swings here and no one was there. So we had the whole park to ourselves! The boys had a blast!

It was quite muddy and still snow spots here and there. But we had fun!

Samuel at first seemed a little scared when I took him down this winding slide. But the second time I took him, he laughed and smiled and really liked it!



My brother, Alex on the swing.

Me and my baby!

Matthew standing on the bars.

Samuel running after Daddy and Uncle Alex...

Matthew & Alex swinging.

Isaac, our handsome young man!

Daddy & Samuel!