Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Weekend 5-27-12

Saturday night I took the kids shopping and Isaac picked this tub of Perler beads out. I haven't done these since I was a kid! It's a fun craft!

 Isaac's target and hamburger. These are his own designs! I Think he did a GREAT job!

 Cutie! Standing and walking!

 Samuel eating a popsicle.

 Eating dinner on the deck.

  Yum, Yum!

 "mmmmmmm" as she says while she eats!

 My drunken husband! haha! Not really!

 My delicious plate of food! BBQ steak (with homemade bbq sauce, made by yours truly), Yummy organic beet greens with some swiss chard and green onions from our CSA box we get each week, and mashed potatoes! It was really good!

 Luella really enjoyed it too!

 Cute messy potato face!

 The boys were being hilarious! They kept making faces and wanted me to take their picture.

 Samuel's cracking me up!

 Isaac's look, with Samuel's peeking eyeball!

 This one is SUPER hilarious!!! HAHA!! I'm not sure what he was doing to achieve this look, but it kind of looks like a old man look!

 Not so good picture of me eating. Ha!

The water in the pool was COLD!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Eating yogurt 5-24-12

 I was giving Luella some yogurt out of a bowl while sitting in the window with her.

 I eventually gave her the spoon to have some fun with and feed herself. She was enjoying it!

She's been walking alongside things ALOT lately (for the last couple of weeks), like the couch, a bed, or whatever she might be standing upto where she can walk alongside it. She gets going really fast! Not too long before she'll be taking those official steps without holding on! Also, earlier this month she started holding her play phone and our real phone up to her ear as if to talk on it! It's super cute! I love when my kids start doing that!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Flowers & My garden 5.24.12

I'm jumping way ahead on my posts (I'll fill in the gap later). But these pictures are actually from TODAY! Can you believe it?? Yeah! I just wanted to show some of my flowers and garden since I don't think I've shown anyone before.
 This is the pretty hanging flowers Matthew got me for Mother's Day.

 This is my first Iris that has bloomed from the bulbs that my Mother in-law, Mary sent me. Which means, these beauties are all the way from Michigan! It's a very pretty light lavender color. I love irises!! Thanks Ma!

 These are my garden beds with the plants in them!

 Tomatoes are coming on!

 It has been quite a learning experience and challenge with these gardens. First I just wanted to plant so many different kinds of veggies that I didn't really have enough room in all four of my beds. So some things are planted really close. I have had to thin some plants out. Then the cabbage moth worms invaded my cabbage plants, broccoli and kale. So We've been having to check plants every day for worms, and pull the little suckers off.

 Some things I have been worried haven't been doing too well. Which has been frustrating for me after all of the research I've done. But my lettuce is thriving! I'm happy about that! 

 My string bean plants. These ones are the purple ones.

 Summer squash blossom.

Cucumber blossom. Can you see a little friend hiding?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Eating Watermelon 5.21.12

 Luella LOVES to eat! I could just feed her and feed her and she wouldn't stop! She LOVES anything! She really likes watermelon. I would have to say her most favorite fruit right now though is strawberries and blueberries. Ohh, and bananas, she LOVES bananas! 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bubbles & Goofiness 3.29.12

I was tired of my deck looking so dirty and needing washed. So I thought it would be something I could have the boys do and they could have fun doing it. 

 And they did have lots of fun!

 They were blowing bubbles, but I had a hard time getting many of the bubbles on camera. They kept popping too quick. I think the bubble had just popped right as I took this picture. You can see little specks from it popping.

 Not really in focus, but you can see a few bubbles.

A couple bubbles floating.

 After bible study that evening, everyone was acting a little goofy!

 Some how the pictures of Jackie & I are always of us sticking our tongues out... I guess that's just us! Ha!

 Uncle Kevin.... hahahaha!!

 Missing his long haired days... LOL!

 Luella was so touchy to have anyone else hold her. Jackie would try and get her happy, and she just would cry.

Quinn & I.