Wednesday, March 28, 2012

St. Patty's Day 3.17.12

Ok, I admit it, I totally forgot it was St. Patrick's day on the actual day. Now the day before I kept talking about the next day would be St. P's day and that we had to wear green. Would you believe it just totally vanished from my mind all through that day until around 3:00! So first part of that day I was just going about my day. The boys wanted to paint since I had told them that they could pain something fun that I had in mind. 
 So here they are painting clothes pin airplanes. You just use a clothes pin and some popsicle sticks to make them!

Isaac ever so precisely painting his clothes pin.

Samuel painting his!

 Luella sitting back in her stroller chillin while the boys paint. Notice the foot propped up! Ha!
Sadly I don't have a picture of the finish product of their planes. They had to dry for a long time, that and the glue we were using wasn't good for wood and it took forever for that to dry too. So I will have to show a picture of them another time.

So finally after my brain realized that it was St. P's day I quickly found green shirts for everyone. But by the time I could get pictures they already got super dirty (mostly Samuel & Luella).

Trying to get one of all of us. Didn't turn out so great.

 Poor Luella I realized didn't even have a green shirt. So I had to go through the boys' old baby clothes and found a shirt. There was a carrot and dog/bunny on the shirt that I took off it and I was going to quickly  make a cute flower (to make it look a little girly) to glue on her shirt. But for the life of me I couldn't find my glue gun, so I gave up on that idea. Yeah, it was a little ridiculous what I went through that day just for us all to wear green. So alas, she is just wearing the green shirt with no flower.

Who would want to pinch these cuties anyway??!!  

 Isaac's self portrait. What a good looking guy!

And of course my hilarious Samuel doing one of his classic hilarious poses!!

 Ahhh, my beautiful blue eyed girl!! Could she be any cuter??!!!! I think not!!

 So to redeem the day a little more, I gave the kids vanilla ice cream with green food coloring in it. They thought it was cool!

Green tongue!

Luella plays peek-a-boo! 3.16.12

Luella has a book called "Peek-A-Who?" and I read it to her a lot. She gets really excited! We have played peek-a-boo (or "peek!" as we usually do) with her for quite a long time now. And one day we caught her taking a blanket or it may have been a piece of clothing and she was holding it over her face and then would quickly pull it away. I then realized she was playing peek! It was adorable! There have been other times where others, (I know Aunt Jamie mostly) has played it with her and Luella would take the blanket and cover up Aunt Jamie's face to get her to keep doing it! So since then I have tried to catch it on camera but have failed, she usually stopped by the time I got the camera. So this day, finally she did it again!

Here she is playing on the floor (One of the times I was trying to get her to do it).

Here looking through her "Peek-A-Who?" book. 

And finally doing it for Daddy and I! And getting super excited! This picture isn't the greatest quality, but that expression is priceless!

And got it on video!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Luella Dancing in her crib 3.15.12

Luella was having a lot of fun in her crib. Samuel kept playing her toy for her while she danced! It was so cute!

Here is a video of Luella dancing to the music of one of her toys. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Daddy home for lunch + videos 3.14.12

 The kids really love when Matthew comes home for lunch every day (most of the time). Luella especially, she gets all smiles and giddy when Daddy is home. So I took these quick pictures of Matthew with her last week.

The 2nd day of Isaac riding his bike without training wheels, already going all the way up the driveway and back down! He just kept getting better and better! We're so proud of him! (it's a quick video as you can hear at the end Luella giving me a hard time, she kept trying to grab the camera and got quite upset with me because I wasn't letting her have it!).

Luella eating a banana on the floor and making a mess! Ha! 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dirty faces 3.13.12

We've been having absolutely beautiful weather this week! So needless to say, we've all been enjoying it. With that said, the kids always seem to get extra dirty when playing outside (mostly the boys, hehe!). But Luella has her share of messiness as well! Below I had given Luella an apple slice to eat. She's been really good with big pieces of food. This piece as you can see, she's broken up and bit into small pieces everywhere. She's been breaking those two bottom teeth in well!
Yup, she's eating on the floor. It keeps her happy and occupied so I can get things done. Who said a kid eating on a dirty floor ever hurt them???

Samuel asked me to take pictures of him. And when he asks to get his picture taken, this is usually what happens when he's in front of a camera.... 

  And then he wants to see the pictures of himself. He's hilarious! He totally cracks me up! I can always count on him to make funny faces!

After Matthew came home from work I wanted to finish planting some bulbs I had. I asked him if he could watch Luella, to make sure she didn't eat everything in sight while she sat in the yard. So he got the camera, and I'm glad he did, because she sure DID want to eat everything in sight!
 I think that's a petal from a clover below her lip.

 Cute dirty baby foot!

  Cute baby hands!

Samuel being Samuel again! I love him so much! He was eating our ever expanding chive harvest that's been growing in our yard! Ha!

 Who's that cute little baby!!!!???

"MMMMMM, yummy I'll eat some more grass and clovers"

 I'm not sure what she was doing here, but that is the cutest cheesy grin I've ever saw in my life!

 Oh the cuteness!

Hello everyone!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NO training wheels and swinging 3.13.12

Guess who can now ride a bike without training wheels?
(sorry for the bad blurry pictures, I obviously don't know how to set my camera on the right settings)

 YES!! Isaac got it down QUICK! And we're SOO proud of him! Matthew worked with him one day for a while and since then Isaac just worked on it himself and practiced and before we knew it he was taking off and riding perfectly! We couldn't be more happy for him!

 One of Isaac's absolute most favorite things to do is ride his bike. And one day we were just like "Isaac we're going to work on helping you ride your bike without training wheels". At first he seemed hesitant and acted a little worried about starting. He said that he couldn't ride then, and for a couple days after we took the training wheels off, he would just ride his old bike (which is too small for him and is Samuel's now). I think he was just afraid that he'd fall too much. But I think the fact that he loves to ride motivated him enough to work on it more so he could ride HIS bike again.

 And after just a few tries on his own he got it down!!

Here he is when he was just starting to get it on his own! He's improved so much just since this video too!

Luella has really been enjoying her new swing. I am really happy that Matthew built this swing set for the kids. They've really been having a great time on it!

 Isaac & Samuel are great about pushing her in her swing. She'll laugh and laugh while they push her and talk to her. They'll do all sorts of stuff to make her laugh. She LOVES her brothers!

 She really was laughing a lot at Samuel while he was pushing her. I'm not sure what all he was saying to her, but there was alot of giggling going on.

And then Isaac came up and started to twist her swing so she could spin around.

I'm not totally sure she really likes to spin around like that, sometimes she seems happy with it and other times she seems a little scared. I have to tell Isaac to be careful with her cause he'll get to doing it to much with her. But I'm pretty sure she's getting use to her brothers doing crazy scary and dangerous things with her. It's a thrill for her I guess!

Here's Samuel making her go up WAY high! I thought she'd totally be scared going too high on the swing, since she has a really sensitive belly reflex ever since she was newborn her belly gets scared easily. But apparently she's ok with the swing or got use to this! However, she does have a concerned look on her face!

Here's a video of the kids having fun on the swing set!