Tuesday, July 3, 2012

WALKING 7.3.12

Luella took her first two steps to me on June 4th! That night she took a couple more when I encouraged her. She would reach her hand to me so she could grab it so she wouldn't fall. Since then she's taken lots more steps! All leading up to her birthday and since then she's taken many more. A couple weeks ago she took about 6-7 consecutive steps and has been taking more and more, and now is walking ALOT! She's such a big girl!
These 3 pictures below are from June 4th

So since the past few weeks she's been walking more and more and walks really well now. She still has her moments of wobbles and falling on her butt, Ha! But she is doing so well! So see for yourself! These videos are from today! 7.3.12

These pictures aren't the greatest but show her walking!

 Our little girl is growing up so fast!

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aRose said...

Such a big girl! This is awesome.