Thursday, June 21, 2012

Luella's 1st Birthday 6.10.12 {part 2}

WARNING!! LOTS of PHOTOS!! MOSTLY OF LUELLA! Ha! I guess I didn't realize there was SOO many! And as I look through them, I even notice there's not certain ones that got taken, like of Luella with just her brothers alone.. :( That I am pretty sad about. But I am thankful for the ones we did get! And let me just add. it's HARD work planning a party! trying to be a host, plus getting photos (Mostly Matthew, but sometimes both of us), and then trying to plan things right). It was exhausting, and now I see why soo many people (ahem, with money) hire everything done! I know just having a photographer alone would take a TON of load off our shoulders. It would help, because I felt like I didn't even get much of a chance to be a good host and talk with any one and just enjoy it as much as I could have (instead of exhausting myself!). But she seemed to have a GREAT day and really enjoyed all of the attention. Ok, now back to the photos...

 This was shortly after I brought her down for the first time after getting her all ready for her party. She napped for about an hour and 15 minutes or so just before her party (which was really great because she was really happy and was able to just enjoy it without getting tired out!). 

 She was looking around at all of the decorations, Mostly the balloons! She LOVES them!!!

 She was quite giddy over the pinwheels too!

 Annie sipping on some pink raspberry lemonade.

 Olivia looking all classy!

 Aunt & Niece! ha! And best friends!!

 Sweet blondie Asa!

 Grandpa!! (Dad).

Handsome Isaac!

 She just LOVED the balloons! She would squeal with excitement and want to grab at them and hit them when she was around them! 

 Everyone doting on her! :)

 Taking in all the people, sometimes she gets real serious when she sees new people or people that she doesn't see real often.

 The Sweet ladies talking!

 Food line!

 Two handsome fellas!

 Auntie April!

 She knew just what to do with the pinwheels to get them to spin, she kept waving them around and really enjoying them!

 OH MY GOODNESS!! Can you say ADORABLE??!! ;)

 Me with my sweet birthday girl!

 We couldn't get her to put down the pinwheel.

 Grandpa held her for a long time! She was just hanging out with him!

 Playing with the balloons again.

 Grandma & Grandpa with Luella.

 Sweet Julie with her daughter, Willow. Willow is a sweetie, her and Luella are only a month and a half apart in age, Willow is the younger one, but you would never guess it! She's walking all over the place already!

 Luella doing her famous pointing!

 We asked everyone if they wouldn't mind going across the street from our house with us in the field for a quick little photo shoot. Most everyone came, but a few stayed behind. These are a few attempts at getting everyone in line. It's hard to get everyone to look at the same time and so forth. But it was fun!

 A few with Grandma & Grandpa! I love these!

 Some family shots of us!

And Luella with Auntie Jamie!

 They have a very special bond!

 Luella was being all sweet with Aunt Jamie, but then when she went to me, she was a little meany to me! She slapped me a few times and was being silly cause she thought it was funny. So we were trying to get her to be kind! Ha!

 Then she started making noise with her mouth on her hand so cutely!

I love my little girl so much! Sometimes I still have to take a moment and just think about the fact that i have a girl! and how blessed we are to have her and so thankful to God for her! I still can't believe she's already one year old!!
She had about 30 guests at her party, I think she really had a blessed day! Stay tuned for the next session of photos! Yes, there's more!

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